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CLICK for full size picture Camrud, Maddock, Olson & Larson, Ltd. A Grand Forks ND Law Firm Present the rebuilding of their flooded city. (moving-back soon)
CLICK for full size picture Join the Hillsboro House B&B, in Nashville TN, for Breakfast each morning. - Just got big press in TN - congrats Andrea!

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Welcome to our radio program!   If the page is not reloading every minute or so,  you can assume that the cameras not on at the moment.  If you're viewing an outdoor scene, the big trees in the background were planted by my Father and Grand Father back in 1921.  My Great Grand Father purchased this land in 1919 and moved a cottage home out here from town for my Grand Father and his young family to live in.   We are in the heart of the Red River Valley, some of the richest farmland in the world.  But with the current farm crisis life as folks have known it for over 4 generations may be changing forever.  And the result for you will be MUCH HIGHER FOOD PRICES.  If that bothers you it's time to talk to your Congressmen and urge them to take action to save America's family farmers.  Or do nothing and soon a handful of large corporations will be telling you how much of your income they're going to take in exchange for letting you have food.

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